It’s time for some honesty. I’ve been dreading sharing this month’s Purchase History and feeling a lot of guilt for breaking some of my own rules. Namely because I made a couple of expensive purchases including a faux leather sleeved blazer and a pair of Rebecca Taylor heels, both I ended up returning – not because I didn’t love them, but because they were well outside the budget. Thank goodness for free return shipping and great return policies!

I am trying hard to only buy items I “need” or absolutely love (and are within the budget, obviously). Things like socks and even a new book for my Thanksgiving trip can count as “needs” for me. And I absolutely LOVE these two new art prints I bought from Emily Ley and Elizabeth Mayville. I’ve also been wearing this graphic print sweater cardigan quite a bit, as well as the sweater I bought from LOFT (not pictured).

The biggest challenge for me is making purchase decisions when faced with sales, which pretty much means this time of year is a minefield. That being said, I am very proud of how I came out of the J.Crew Black Friday Warehouse Sale in Lynchburg, VA. I could have done some real damage – we’re talking cashmere sweaters for $25, tall leather boots for $50, most items under $20… Honestly, I was so overwhelmed; and while I love J.Crew I didn’t really “need” anything. Except I’ve been a long fan of both Anniel and Lemlem, who have been sold at J.Crew and made an appearance at the sale. I couldn’t leave them there; and also decided to scoop up these nude patent sandals. I’ll be thankful come Spring, I am sure of it. Or at least I hope so.

So, in the spirit of being fully honest… I feel better. Who needs Dr. Phil when I have y’all? I feel so much better after spilling my guts and I am real hopeful that this self-awareness will actually influence my future spending behavior.

What I bought in November :: Tim McMorris Overwhelmed MP3 // Dwell Baths & Spa Magazine // Socks from Target // Sweater from LOFT // Sweater cardigan from ASOS // Art print from Elizabeth Mayville // Art print from Emily Ley // Young House Love book at West Elm book signing // Divergent from Half Price Books and Insurgent from Walmart // Patent sandals, Anniel flats and Lemlem girl’s patio dress (bought for fabric) on super, super sale from J.Crew Warehouse Sale in Lynchburg VA

What I was gifted in November :: Minted holiday bunting banner // Essie Winter 2012 Collection // Rory Beca blouse and dress // Bobbie Brown ‘Bone’ eyeshadow (bought with a Neiman Marcus gift card)

Things I bought and returned in November ::  Sanctuary faux leather sleeved blazer from Nordstrom // Dress from ASOS // Rebecca Taylor heels from Piperlime heels on sale


*This includes all clothing, accessories, home decór, craft supplies, make-up etc. This list does not include food, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, gifts, items for Husband, bills, fees for personal services, travel expenses or business expenses.

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