We’re mid-way through September and I just realized that I never posted my Purchase History column for August. July marked my one year anniversary for this series and I have been wrestling over whether to continue it.

The truth is I have learned a lot about myself, my spending habits and my fight against excessive materialism through this exercise. And, as a result, I have significantly cut back on my non-essential spending. Even more exciting is that I am also severely cutting back on the amount of possessions in my home that I don’t sincerely need or love. So much so, in fact, that I have nothing to report for my spending in August!

// Purchase History: August 2013 by Modern Eve

What I bought in August :: Nothing!

Now, a couple of things may have contributed to my lack of spending in August. First and foremost, it was my birthday month. I received generous gifts from friends and family, including several gift cards that I am excited to put to use. Secondly, husband and I are preparing for our daughter’s arrival this January. Since I do not have maternity health coverage, we will be footing the doctor and hospital bills out-of-pocket. We’re trying diligently to save, especially since, despite the gifts we will receive, there will undoubtedly be items we need to purchase for the nursery.

Because this column helps keep me accountable and has made such an impact on my attitude and behavior, I plan on continuing it quarterly (starting with Q4, posted in January). I have also decided to no longer include the “what I was gifted” category. I am collaborating with a lot of great brands and you will get to see those items incorporated into blog posts throughout the year.

Overall, I hope this series encourages you to be more mindful with your own material consumption. I looked back at everything I purchased from August 2012 – July 2013 and I still have regrets about some of my purchases. In fact, some of the items are boxed up, ready to be consigned or donated as I type. It’s being able to see all of these items listed out or visually displayed that is truly helping to change the decisions that I make. I seriously can not recommend it enough!

*This includes all clothing, accessories, home decór, craft supplies, make-up etc. This list does not include food, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, gifts, items for Husband, items for baby, bills, fees for personal services, travel expenses or business expenses.

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