Those of you that follow me well know that I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching recently. There’s been a lot of reconciling, prioritizing and purging in my life. Good stuff. Great stuff. The stuff that brings meaning, clarity and peace. In effect, I’m growing up. Or so it feels. With that, I feel an increasing responsibility to represent myself in a true and accurate light here on Modern Eve. I want to let y’all in; to get more personal.

One of things that has been weighing on my heart recently is the false idol of materialism. It’s plain to see that I struggle with it. I mean, come on, I write a fashion / lifestyle blog. I have a sincere and well-meaning appreciation for beautiful things — things that are smart, well-designed and earnestly crafted. I’m drawn to things that make my life more efficient, that allow me to better express myself and encourage self-growth and learning. But sometimes my ‘like’ of things can be a little too much. I can stray from the aforementioned / healthier reasons for buying things and swipe my credit card based on compulsion, jealousy and insecurity. I can extend my budget buying things that either end up in the trash (lack of quality) or at our annual garage sale (lack of true love). I deeply want to cut down on those purchases.

Mindful consumption. It’s a concept I’ve been trying to weave intimately into my life. Buy less. Buy only what I need, what I love and what’s in the budget. It shouldn’t be hard, folks, but if I’m being honest, it is. So, I’ve decided to take cue from one my favorite bloggers, Joslyn from Simple Lovely, and document and publicly share my monthly purchases. The accountability will be good for me. And hopefully the increased transparency and confession will encourage you, my readers.

So, here it goes… here is my Purchase History for August 2012. This includes all clothing, accessories, home decór, craft supplies, make-up etc. This list does not include food, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, gifts, items for Husband, bills, fees for personal services, travel expenses or business expenses.

What I bought in August :: Black hexagon stud earrings on Etsy // Ankle zip legging jeans from Gap in tropic green (30% off) // Gap tee (on clearance + 30% off) // Smoking flat in leopard from Mossimo, Target // Striped tank from Mossimo, Target (on clearance) // Black shape-wear from Target (needed to wear with a dress) // Kendra Scott Rayne necklace (50% off because it was my birthday month) // Drop-waist dress from LOFT (on sale) // Vince Camuto Beenie boots (bought at Dillards) // Black and white tanks from Nordstrom BP // Green snake-skin sleeveless blouse from Nordstrom BP // Black and cream blouse from T.J.Maxx // Black and orange paper straws from T.J.Maxx // Yoga towel from Lululemon // Glue gun, glue sticks and blue gingham tissue paper from Michaels // Glass butter dish, plastic pasta storage box and magazine file holder from The Container Store // The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp // Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman // Love Poems by Pablo Neruda // We are So Good Together print from 20×200 (bought art credit on Gilt City) // InStyle Magazine September issue // M.A.C powder // Chanel nail polish in Frenzy

And because, mindful consumption isn’t just about my purchases, but about minimizing possessions, I am also going to share some of the items I have been gifted from friends, family and brands. August was my birthday month, so this list is a lot longer than I expect it to be typically.

What I was gifted in August :: Scarf from Nordstrom BP // Gold star earrings on Etsy // A beautiful orchid // Nikkor 50mm camera lens // Small plate and dish from Anthropologie // Kate Spade notepad // CLARISONIC Mia // Lo & Sons O.G. bag // Lo & Sons The Melrose camera bag // Glimpse skin care products


Wow, there it is. Honestly, I thought it would be a lot less, which is exactly why I need to do this new column. Thankfully I don’t yet regret any of those purchases. Except maybe that stupid shape-wear. I was unhappy that I needed it in the first place. We’re already half-way through September and my purchase list is much shorter, which I feel really good about. Looking forward to sharing with y’all here in a couple of weeks. Stay strong, Katie. A little self-talk might be necessary.