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Form and Function. Best of Beautiful Cleaning Tools.


Cleaning is never fun, but it can be beautiful. Lately I’ve found myself stopping to awe at well-crafted and -designed cleaning tools. Basically, I’m one step away from adding a wooden toilet brush to my Christmas wish list. And I must not be alone, because retailers like West Elm, Crate & Barrel and even Anthropologie are now carrying their own collections of domestic goods. These items may be practical, but they’re certainly not lacking in attractiveness, especially when curated together in an organized laundry or kitchen space. Get ready to say goodbye to disposable cleaning cloths and plastic handles. These items will make your daily chores feel like and artist hobby. Maybe.

No. 1   Wood toilet brush from Iris Hantverk, $98 (budget version)
No. 2   Suds Up dish brush from The Honest Company, $12.99 (similar from Full Circle)
No. 3  Mint Smiley Dustpan at Cost Plus World Market, $14.99
No. 4  Copper sponges from Bürstenhaus Redecker, $19.95
No. 5  Laptop and keyboard brush at Kaufmann Mercantile, $39.90
No. 6  Japanese twisty cleaning brush at Kaufmann Mercantile, $10.95
No. 7  Plunger by Konte, $57.75
No. 8  Glass cleaner bottle from Rail19, $12.50
No. 9  Linen knit dish cloth from Fog Linen Work of Tokyo for The Laundress, $12 (similar by Toockies)
No. 10  Wool Hand Duster from Sladust, $22
No. 11  Stainless steel bucket from Crate & Barrel, $19.95
No. 12  Microfiber mitt from simplehuman, $4.99
No. 13  Woolzies dryer balls at Uncommon Goods, $28
No. 14  Lambswool Mitt at Williams-Sonoma Home, $19.95
No. 15  Dustpan and broom set from West Elm, $79
Not pictured:  Rubber pet and lint brush at Anthropologie , $62