I’m definitely not announcing ground-breaking news when I observe a rise in the use of kilim fabrics. Kilim rugs, along with antique and vintage rugs in general, have been popular for some time now. But, what I’m really loving is how many artisans are crafting the flat tapestry-woven carpets into pillows, home accessories, furniture and even boots. I love the look of layered kilim pillows — full of texture, pattern and fabulous color palettes. It’s the perfect way to bring color into your home without being loud or unsophisticated about it.

Mainstream retailers like West Elm and Pottery Barn are jumping on the trend, but you’ll likely find better prices and more unique designs searching Etsy or Ebay. I’m on the hunt, so please don’t outbid me.

TOP ROW :: Amber Interiors // Etsy seller, Sukan // Etsy seller, Sukan // Etsy seller, Sukan

SECOND ROW :: Etsy seller, Sukan // Etsy seller, Yuner // Etsy seller, Yuner // Etsy seller, Yuner // Etsy seller, Yuner

THIRD ROW :: Pottery Barn // ABC Carpet & Home // West Elm

FOURTH ROW :: Etsy seller, Sukan // Loom


// Top image from Summerour Architects