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I am currently suffering from a seemingly incurable nesting itch, mixed with a strong urge to purge anything and everything that I do not completely love. I’m on a mission to decorate my home with my style. Even if that means leaving numerous empty walls, bare floors and neglected vignettes. Through this process I am realizing how unintentional I have been about buying home décor items. A pillow that “will do” here, a gifted picture frame there, a random impulse buy from a garage sale mixed with sale items from Target and Home Goods are leaving me with very little to work with.

All this buyer’s remorse got me thinking about developing a better strategy for making purchases. First of all, I’m finally sold on the idea that you should only buy what you love, truly love. But, my new revelation is that I should buy in double. As I look around my house I find lamps, candle sticks, frames – all kinds of items that I wish I had in duplicate. I can anchor a room with two matching table lamps. I can style a bookshelf with a pair of colorful bookends. And, on the subject of this post, I can make a beautiful statement with a pair of side-by-side mirrors. I’m always inspired by well-placed symmetry and duplication when browsing my favorite shelter magazines. So, I am learning a lesson – next time I find something I love, if it makes sense, buy two. If I change my mind, I can always give away one as a gift.

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Aren’t the matching mirrors a beautiful statement? I love them over a console, desk or low dresser. And they’re not too bad over a couch either. I actually have two mirrors left over from one of Husband’s very old model homes. They’re not my favorite, but I’m thinking of spray painting them a fun color, perhaps lavender? I think they’ll look really great over a desk in my study. I’ll keep y’all updated and hopefully share some pics very soon!