Kitchen-Navy-Lower-CabinetsThey say when you start a remodel, your list of projects will inevitability grow. Make one thing fresh and new and all of a sudden it exposes just how old and stale the other parts of your home are. I’ve known of this theory, but now I am living it. Out of nowhere our master bedroom / bathroom remodel has moved it’s way into our kitchen. After replacing our tile with hardwoods (hardwoods are going in the master and we needed them to blend with the adjacent living room/kitchen) and trim (you have to replace that when you replace your floors), I am now disgusted with our old kitchen cabinets. Not only are they old (original to the 1950’s, perhaps), their once fresh coat of white paint is now 6 years old and it has not worn well.

Needless to say, Husband and I have decided to repaint our kitchen cabinets (and possibly update our countertops – it’s a slippery slope, folks). Originally, I assumed we’d just offer up a fresh coat of crisp white paint; but after seeing this post via Nicole from Making it Lovely on Pinterest, I am highly considering painting my lower cabinets a rich navy blue. White uppers keep it clean and modern, but the navy bottom-half seems to ground the kitchen, making a unique statement and setting itself apart from the million of other all-white kitchens we’re seeing everywhere. Add some brass hardware and my vintage cabinets won’t know what hit ’em.

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