As part of our remodel, we were able to add a new powder bathroom off the common living and kitchen. Currently (pre-remodel), my bathroom (husband and I don’t share because the master is so tiny) also serves guests. It’s a huge pain, because I am forced to keep it clean and tiny, which is not a strength of mine. What a waste of time it is to put away my blow dryer and hair straightener! Anyways, once the remodel is finished, I won’t have to share anymore.

I’m really excited about designing the small bathroom space and have been trying to think of some design elements that will set it apart. I noticed recently that I was pinning a lot of images that had off-set, leaning mirrors. I love this concept! Who said the mirror had to sit right over the sink? Who said it has to be large? And who said it has to hang on the wall? No one, that’s who. I love removing the mirror as the focus of the bathroom. Whether I go simple or glam (considering a bold, patterned wallpaper or some amazing tile), a low-key, casually leaning mirror might be the way to go.

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