I’m excited to share some wonderful dream Spring Break trips today. It’s only fitting that it’s Friday and we can all sit at our computers daydreaming about crashing waves, sunshine and beautiful botanicals. This morning we’re headed back to California with Jen from The Effortless Chic. Jen and I met at Alt Summit, discovered we had some mutual friends and bonded quickly. I miss this girl and wish I could get out to LA and her back to Texas more often. For “Spring Break” Jen is taking us to Big Sur, California. Specifically she’ll be staying at Glen Oaks with her hubby.

“I love the beach as much as the next person, but with the pace of this year so far, getting away to somewhere serene in the woods sounds like the ideal place to unplug and recharge my batteries.  The cabins at Glen Oaks look rustic and charming from the outside, but are modern and full of inspiring design on the inside.  Perfect for this trip!”  -Jen

My husband and I were actually in Big Sur for this first time this past August. How I wish I was back there! Right now. And I wouldn’t mind bringing Jen’s suitcase either. See what she’s packing on her trip below.


1. // This Acne oversized sweater for cool nights around the fire and breezy afternoons on the beach
2. // My favorite running shoes for a morning jog down on the beach
3. // The Steve Jobs biography.  “Biographies are my favorite genre of book.  I find it inspiring and motivating to read about the journey of a real person.” – Jen
4. // These shorts in green floral
5. // This swimsuit

Thanks Jen! Hopefully I can get out to California here soon!

// Postcard photograph on The Buyers Brokerage