This dream “Spring Break” vacation comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Liz from Sequins & Stripes. Liz and I actually have not met in person, but I hope we can change that someday soon! Liz, for her dream “Spring Break” is going to St. Tropez, France with her boyfriend, Dave, and a small group of friends. It’s a pretty nice dream, but her reality isn’t too bad either. I just saw an instagram photo of her lounging by the pool in the Florida Keys.

“I could not imagine a more perfect day than sailing off the coast of the French Riviera, with constant sunshine, flutes of champagne, friends and a beautiful backdrop. What a dream!” -Liz

I’m not sure if this is what Liz is actually packing on her beach vacation, but in her dream, I am loving her suitcase!

4. // Wedges

// Postcard photograph from The Cherry Blossom Girl