PHOTO by The Fresh Exchange / The Darling Detail

I can’t exactly explain why, but in recent months, my soul has been anxious to get outside. Perhaps it’s the joy I experience seeing Beckett discover nature for the first time or the fact that sharing a home with a busy toddler can feel, at times, claustrophobic. Either way, my body is craving fresh air, open fields and the tightening of skin that comes only from a day spent under the sun’s rays. This spring, I plan on being outside more than usual. Whether it’s starting a garden, thumbing through a classic novel in the shade, or exploring new trails at sunset, I hope to connect more deeply with earth this season than I have ever before.

I also hope to be sharing more of my adventures once I launch my brand and website for Modern Eve! We’re in the final development stages and could even be launching later this week! In the meantime, I’ve listed some things I am hoping to experience this season, including some I’ve already had the chance to cross off the list!

Modern Eve’s Spring Bucket List

  1. Celebrate our anniversary with stay-cation in Fort Worth
  2. Try a Mommy & Me Ballet Class
  3. Read classic literature
  4. Bake homemade bread
  5. Take photos in the bluebonnets
  6. Start running
  7. Meet my new nephew in Oklahoma
  8. Walk in the Polish Fashion Show
  9. Attend an outdoor concert
  10. Picnic at the Dallas Arboretum
  11. Hike at sunset
  12. Design custom marble coffee tables
  13. Start aggressively paying down my student loan
  14. Build outdoor sensory tables for Beckett
  15. Journal
  16. Curate a gallery wall for our living room
  17. Plant a herb garden
  18. Host a game night
  19. Master an at-home manicure
  20. Launch my new brand and website

Photography Credits: The Fresh Exchange and The Darling Detail; Graphics by Modern Eve