PHOTO by Joseph De Leo / Erin Wallis Photography

Things have been rather quiet over here during these past months, which is a fair reflection of the pace of our summer. It has been one of those slow, lazy, and – save for a week visiting the Pacific Northwest and a week in Colorado – downright sticky-hot seasons. I have the empty ice-cream cartons to prove it.

Fall, on the other hand, brings hope of a quickening step and a reinvigorated soul. With all it’s cooler temperatures, back-to-school shopping lists, and savory smells wafting through the house, Fall can’t help but motivate you. The pumpkins can’t arrive on my doorstep soon enough.

Modern Eve’s Fall Bucket List

  1. Test some seasonal risotto recipes
  2. Sew a dress for Beckett (left over from last year’s bucket list)
  3. DIY a leaf garland
  4. Camp as a family
  5. Paint gourds with Beckett
  6. Go to my 10-year college reunion
  7. Visit the State Fair of Texas
  8. Date night in Bishop Arts (and eat some delicious Emporium Pies)
  9. Read more poetry
  10. Take Beckett to a farm or orchard
  11. Make homemade play dough
  12. Girls’ night to see Taylor Swift in concert
  13. Watch football
  14. Bake homemade snickerdoodles
  15. Craft jewelry
  16. Travel to Lost Maples State Natural Area to see the changing leaves
  17. Update my office “school” supplies
  18. Sport a bucket bag
  19. Go vintage thrift shopping
  20. Invest in some cozy pajamas

Photography Credits: Joseph De Leo Photography and Erin Wallis Photography; Graphics by Modern Eve