Baby/Toddler Style


In my previous post, I shared a 20-piece spring capsule wardrobe for toddler girls. Today, I am back sharing options for our sweet little male friends.

My style for little boys could be considered “elevated hipster, with a side of surfer chic”. I think young boys (and girls for that matter) should wear comfortable clothes – shirts and shorts that allow them to freely run, climb, and get into all others sorts of mischief. However, comfy does not equal sloppy. For this reason I choose cotton tees with an extra element of style – a henley collar, a pocket, a hood, or, perhaps, a well-placed stripe. Especially for little boys, I tend to favor solid colors, with an occasional stripe or plaid, and stay away from large graphics or other juvenile prints.

Again, as with any capsule wardrobe, I chose a complementary color palette for this spring’s collection. This year I am drawn to the colors of the sky and sea – modern blues, interesting greens, and a pop of yellow, bright as the sun. These colors are masculine and fun, but neutral enough to be able to mix and match appropriately. And they will look great with in photos with your little babe’s tan.