// Trend Spotted: Shagreen

There are a lot of trends that catch my attention. I notice a lot of patterns in the design and fashion world, but very few have jumped out at me like shagreen, a decorative material, known for its natural rough surface of pointed scales, commonly made from the skins of sharks or stingrays. Note: since sharks are now an endangered species, most of the items here are faux. I’ve been lusting after this material after noticing several of my favorite designers crafting beautiful accessories with it. House of Harlow, Aerin, Rebecca Taylor, Milly NY and Made Goods are all using these gorgeous textured skins to cover jewelry, heels, clutches and home accessories. Martha Stewart even designed a line of desktop accessories with the stuff! Today, I’ve rounded up my favorite pieces (there are a lot). I’d try to narrow it down for you, but I can’t – I simply love it all.

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