Capsule Wardrobes

// Capsule Wardrobe for SummerThis spring was the first time I really thought about my seasonal clothing purchases in terms of a unified wardrobe collection. By picking a general theme and color palette, I’ve found that I am much more likely to buy pieces that can be worn multiple ways. It’s been such a rewarding exercise that I’ve decided to practice it every season.

I’m still wearing many of the items I found for spring, but would love to add a handful of true summer pieces to my wardrobe. And while I am still very happy with all the neutrals, my tanned skin is begging for some brighter tones. I can’t deny my love for classic black and white; and I’m loving it even more seeing it paired with fiery sunset shades.

This summer, oversized dresses are my go-to outfit to beat the daytime heat, while a slinky jumpsuit is my ideal look for date night.  I’m also interested in introducing a couple of trends, like a kimono, a denim vest (that can go with me into fall) and some gladiator sandals (I actually bought this flat version). And of course, every summer wardrobe needs a swimsuit, cover-up, flip flops and sunnies!

(No. 1) Ruffle Cami  (No. 2) Pom-pom Tank  (No. 3) Silk Top  (No. 4) Denim Vest  (No. 5) Embroidered Kimono  (No. 6) White Shorts  (No. 7) Jumpsuit (No. 8) Tunic Shirt  (No. 9) Poncho Dress  (No. 10) Swim cover-up  (No. 11) Neon Swimsuit  (No. 12) Karen Walker Sunglasses  (No. 13) Waterproof Beach Tote  (No. 14) Fold-over Clutch  (No. 15) Smartphone Wristlet  (No. 16) Gladiator Wedges  (No. 17) Avarca Sandals  (No. 18) Flip Flops

What do you think of the capsule wardrobe idea? And what are you wearing this summer?