Capsule Wardrobes

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I love layering, textured knits and, of course, booties. This fall I’m sticking to a classical autumnal color palette – lots of burgundy, chestnut, oatmeal, and other pretty shades of tan. You can’t go wrong with solids, but I also love mixing in a pop of plaid (or stripe) and a tiny touch of leopard this time of year. And while I usually steer away from bright red, I can’t get enough of a traditional buffalo check.

I’m keeping it pretty basic on the bottom and wearing lots of black. And I’m sticking to an intentionally slouchy silhouette on top. Oversized short sleeve sweaters matched with a pair of skinny jeans are perfect for a Dallas fall. During the day I’ll be running around in flat booties and slip-on trainers, but a chunky peep-toe bootie gives some added style, while still remaining comfortable, for nighttime events. And because I’m obsessed, a long tassel necklace will be my go-to jewelry piece.

(No. 1) V-neck Tee  (No. 2) Striped Top  (No. 3) Plaid Button-down  (No. 4) Cashmere Poncho  (No. 5) Oversized Sweater  (No. 6) Chambray Top  (No. 7) Faux Leather Midi Skirt (No. 8) Turner Pant (No. 9) Black Skinny Jeans  (No. 10) Droplets Dress  (No. 11) Buffalo Check Dress  (No. 12) Stripe Scarf  (No. 13) Hobo Bag  (No. 14) Clutch  (No. 15) Tassel Necklace  (No. 16) Peep-toe Bootie  (No. 17) Leopard Slip-on  (No. 18) Flat Ankle Boots