Our Favorite Eco-Diapers Now at Target

Earths-Best-Diapers-Target-Modern-Eve_1Last week I announced my partnership with Earth’s Best Organic and today I am excited to share their #EBSpecialDelivery surprise. We’ve used a lot of Earth’s Best products in the last few months, but of all them, I have to say my favorite is their diapers. And now I’m so excited to share that I’ll be able to get them, in their updated exclusive packaging, at my favorite big box retailer, Target!

I shop at Target almost weekly. The photo above is a snapshot of my recent purchases. A few goodies for Beckett (how cute is that fur vest!), a new nail polish from Essie’s winter 2014 collection, some snacks (puffs for Beckett, dark chocolate for mom and dad), and some Earth’s Best Tendercare diapers and wipes. Beckett currently uses about six diapers a day (on bad days, it can be up to 10!), so I often find myself in need of a new package. Now I’ll be able to pick some up on my weekly trips!

In my previous post I shared my thoughts on healthy living and why I am committed to purchasing products made from safe and/or organic materials. Diapers and wipes are no exception. Of course, the safest and most environmentally friendly option would be cloth diapers, but that wasn’t something my husband and I were ready to try. Earth’s Best is a great eco-alternative. Their diapers are made with fewer petro-chemicals and are never chlorine bleached. All disposable diapers are bleached in some way, but Earth’s Best diapers use safer alternatives than chlorine bleach, avoiding the nasty byproduct of dioxin, which can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and is known to cause cancer and other serious problems. Read more about dioxin here. They’re also naturally absorbent using material such as corn and wheat. Not only are they safer and don’t leak, they’re also plain white! It might seem silly, but the absence of licensed cartoon characters makes me happy. Win, win, win.

I also want to invite you to participate in Earth’s Best’s Instagram Photo Contest. Snap a selfie with any Earth’s Best product for a chance to win your special delivery of $100 worth of favorite Earth’s Best products. Plus, one lucky grand prize winner will take home a year’s supply of Earth’s Best Tendercare diapers & wipes!*

1. Follow Earth’s Best on Instagram at @earthsbest
2. Use hashtags #EBSpecialDelivery and #Sweepstakes

Check out my photos by following me at @moderneve and good luck!


*Sweepstakes Details:

Snap a selfie with Earth’s Best® products for a chance to WIN a special delivery – a wooden crate full of our favorite Earth’s Best products, valued at $100! Plus one grand prize winner will take home a year’s supply of our newly re-packaged diapers and wipes!

To Enter: From 12:00:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), Thursday, October 23rd through 11:59:59 PM (ET), Wednesday, February 11th follow @earthsbest on Instagram and tag us using the hashtags #EBSpecialDelivery #Sweepstakes

One winner will be selected at random every other week to receive an #EBSpecialDelivery crate prize package! One lucky grand prize winner will be selected at the end of the sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Earth’s Best TenderCare® diapers & wipes! Also be sure to check out the gallery of entries on the Earth’s Best® Facebook page.


// This post is sponsored by Earth’s Best Organic


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Best Of: Beautiful Cleaning Tools

Form and Function. Best of Beautiful Cleaning Tools.


Cleaning is never fun, but it can be beautiful. Lately I’ve found myself stopping to awe at well-crafted and -designed cleaning tools. Basically, I’m one step away from adding a wooden toilet brush to my Christmas wish list. And I must not be alone, because retailers like West Elm, Crate & Barrel and even Anthropologie are now carrying their own collections of domestic goods. These items may be practical, but they’re certainly not lacking in attractiveness, especially when curated together in an organized laundry or kitchen space. Get ready to say goodbye to disposable cleaning cloths and plastic handles. These items will make your daily chores feel like and artist hobby. Maybe.

No. 1   Wood toilet brush from Iris Hantverk, $98 (budget version)
No. 2   Suds Up dish brush from The Honest Company, $12.99 (similar from Full Circle)
No. 3  Mint Smiley Dustpan at Cost Plus World Market, $14.99
No. 4  Copper sponges from Bürstenhaus Redecker, $19.95
No. 5  Laptop and keyboard brush at Kaufmann Mercantile, $39.90
No. 6  Japanese twisty cleaning brush at Kaufmann Mercantile, $10.95
No. 7  Plunger by Konte, $57.75
No. 8  Glass cleaner bottle from Rail19, $12.50
No. 9  Linen knit dish cloth from Fog Linen Work of Tokyo for The Laundress, $12 (similar by Toockies)
No. 10  Wool Hand Duster from Sladust, $22
No. 11  Stainless steel bucket from Crate & Barrel, $19.95
No. 12  Microfiber mitt from simplehuman, $4.99
No. 13  Woolzies dryer balls at Uncommon Goods, $28
No. 14  Lambswool Mitt at Williams-Sonoma Home, $19.95
No. 15  Dustpan and broom set from West Elm, $79
Not pictured:  Rubber pet and lint brush at Anthropologie , $62


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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I love layering, textured knits and, of course, booties. This fall I’m sticking to a classical autumnal color palette – lots of burgundy, chestnut, oatmeal, and other pretty shades of tan. You can’t go wrong with solids, but I also love mixing in a pop of plaid (or stripe) and a tiny touch of leopard this time of year. And while I usually steer away from bright red, I can’t get enough of a traditional buffalo check.

I’m keeping it pretty basic on the bottom and wearing lots of black. And I’m sticking to an intentionally slouchy silhouette on top. Oversized short sleeve sweaters matched with a pair of skinny jeans are perfect for a Dallas fall. During the day I’ll be running around in flat booties and slip-on trainers, but a chunky peep-toe bootie gives some added style, while still remaining comfortable, for nighttime events. And because I’m obsessed, a long tassel necklace will be my go-to jewelry piece.

(No. 1) V-neck Tee  (No. 2) Striped Top  (No. 3) Plaid Button-down  (No. 4) Cashmere Poncho  (No. 5) Oversized Sweater  (No. 6) Chambray Top  (No. 7) Faux Leather Midi Skirt (No. 8) Turner Pant (No. 9) Black Skinny Jeans  (No. 10) Droplets Dress  (No. 11) Buffalo Check Dress  (No. 12) Stripe Scarf  (No. 13) Hobo Bag  (No. 14) Clutch  (No. 15) Tassel Necklace  (No. 16) Peep-toe Bootie  (No. 17) Leopard Slip-on  (No. 18) Flat Ankle Boots

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Style Icon: Rails Plaid Shirts

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsOther than pumpkins and apple cider, there’s little more synonymous with fall than a classic plaid button-down. Whether it’s a buffalo check or a tartan plaid, season after season I find myself on the hunt for that perfect shirt. Well, I think I’ve found it and I’m sharing it today in the first of our new Style Icon series. Rails is a LA-based contemporary clothing company that does a great job blending fashion and relaxed comfort. Their plaid shirts are truly amazing featuring a great, loose fit and the softest jersey knit you can imagine. I love how comfy they are without having to deal with the overheating factor of flannel. I’m not the first to discover this style icon – see below to see how others have styled this perfect plaid shirt.

Photo credit: The Native Fox

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: The Chriselle Factor

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Viva Luxury

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: The Native Fox

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Walk in Wonderland

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Something Navy

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Brighton the Day

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Lovely Pepa

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Rails LA Summer 2014 Lookbook

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Revolve Clothing Instagram

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: What the Chung?

Style Icon: Rails Plaid ShirtsPhoto credit: Rails LA Fall 2014 Lookbook

Want to get your own Rails plaid shirt. Check out the links below!

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Thoughts on Healthy Living & Earth’s Best Organic


Before I got pregnant, I would not have considered myself a particularly healthy person. It’s not that I had any overtly unhealthy habits, just more of an omission of intentional healthy choices in my life. Hamburgers and french fries for lunch was a norm, an occasional yoga class was the extent of my physical activity, and my grocery bill had three times as many processed pantry items than organic produce. It’s amazing how much can change in a year!

Now that I’m a mom, living a healthy lifestyle is one of my top priorities. I cook primarily with whole, organic foods, I am re-thinking my skincare routine, and I purchase the majority of my baby items from brands whose mission is to create safe, healthy and non-toxic products.

One of those companies is Earth’s Best Organic and I’m excited to share that I’m partnering with them on a special announcement coming in a couple weeks. Make sure to follow along with the hashtag #EBSpecialDelivery. But, shhh… enough about that, for now.


As I mentioned above, the majority of the foods we eat at home are organic-certified. This is especially true when it comes to the things Beckett eats. Click here for a great article in Time Magazine on Why Organic Is The Right Choice For Parents. In short, children are vulnerable to health and developmental damage, thanks to their small size, fast metabolisms, developing immune system, and less varied diets. And since they’re growing organs that they’re going to have for the rest of their life, it’s important to me that I expose Beckett to as few toxins, pesticides, genetically modified organism (GMOs) and chemicals as possible. A recent study also reported that organic foods are up to 60% higher in antioxidants than conventionally-grown crops. And while it used to be that you had to go to specialty health food stores to find organic products, today many local and convenience retailers, like Kroger and Target, carry some great brands, like Earth’s Best Organic and even some of their own in-house labels.



Beyond what we digest, I’m also starting to prioritize healthier products for our home and body care. Without even realizing it many of our household and skincare products contain harmful chemicals that are being absorbed through the skin or inhaled. And while I don’t want to become paranoid, I do feel like it’s important for me to educate myself, so that I can make informed decisions.


Similar to our food, I am prioritizing these healthier products when it comes to Beckett (call me a first-time mom). Diapers, wipes, sunscreen, lotion, even toys (read my post here on my play philosophy) can all contain potentially hazardous ingredients or materials. But when I do my research and make educated purchasing decisions, within my budget, I feel a lot of peace.



I am so excited to be partnering with a brand that has such great values. In fact, Earth’s Best Organic‘s mission is to “provide ‘better for baby’ products with the freshest, purest ingredients, so parents can nurture their baby’s health with the utmost confidence.” I love that! Us moms have enough other things competing for our worry! Make sure to check back next week and follow hashtag #EBSpecialDelivery to find out what’s coming up for Earth’s Best Organic.

// This post is sponsored by Earth’s Best Organic, but all expressed thoughts and opinions are my own.


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