the hurrah-ma mama phenomenon

i’d like to introduce you to the hurrah-ma mama phenomenon. okay, well it’s not really a phenomenon (yet).
the concept is similar to that of a bachelorette party, only done in celebration of a woman becoming a mother for the first time. it’s a full day filled with girly fabulousness: brunch, mani’s & pedi’s, and of course a chick flick.
…and we’re kicking the day off with a nursery tour!

just remember you first heard of it here!

e-invitation created by mio for my bestie mom-to-be erika
our dallas stops: breadwinner’s cafe, romie’s nail boutique, and northpark for a showing of “bride wars”

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loving lost

i just finished watching last night’s episode of lost.
thank-you friends with tivo.
and i just have to say “i LOVE this show!”

hilarity via e-mail from friend, the lavender lily, originally from here.

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super(duper).bowl party!

superbowl inspiration board.

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ice i like

it’s been icy here in dallas for the past few days.
there’s not a better way to put me straight
into my seasonal depression.
i just despise cold weather
(unless there’s skis involved of course!)

this is a fun entertaining idea,
that my mom pulled out of an
old martha mag for me – ice bowls!

directions here from martha:
“Here’s a way to serve must-be-chilled foods and make your table sparkle: Create ice bowls decorated with edible flowers, herbs, or citrus slices. You’ll need 2 glass or stainless steel bowls; one should fit inside the other with 1/2 inch to 1 inch between them. Scatter some adornments in large bowl. Place small bowl inside; tape so rims are flush. Pour water between bowls to 1/2 inch from top. Add more adornments; arrange with a skewer. Freeze overnight. Let stand at room temperature, on a dish towel, until bowls separate easily, 10 to 20 minutes. Remove tape. Lift top bowl; invert bottom bowl to remove ice bowl. Freeze until needed. If food should stay dry, set a glass bowl within ice bowl. Place a dish towel underneath to catch drips.“

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and the winner is…

i moved offices this week, which is exciting since i get to organize/decorate a new space.
this transfer gave me the perfect excuse to explore the latest and greatest in the office supplies market.
i ended up purchasing supplies at staples, office depot, and office max. and the winner for most fashionable and fun goodies…

office max

they have introduced a bunch of new designer lines and have some really great colorful stuff. my color scheme is orange, lime, teal, and a little red. i had no problem picking out some fun folders, tacks, and notepad covers.

the infuse line supplied my new cork/white board

some of the divoga line in red. this was the only photo i could find, check out the store the whole line. they have orange, lime, and teal galore. as well as, a black and white collection and some fun pink accessories (staplers & tape dispensers).

russell + hazel’s kit line was on SALE! i got these amazing file folder inserts for $3.60. they are reversible! choose either months or the alphabet to organize…i was squealing all the way to the check out.

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