why didn’t i think of that?

chocolate pencils…

from nendo

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they gave me butterflies

molly & jason that is. (the bachelor).
yes, i definitely stayed up until 11 pm last night to watch it,
since the president thinks the current state of our economy warrants full-media attention.
(ps-please know i am throwing in my sarcasm)

but, i loved molly’s little jingle of song.
and i saw these adorable butterfly mixed-media prints from one of my favorite bloggers, madebygirl and just had to post!

check them out on etsy.

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LOVE Day ideas on a budget – married version

1) finally use that
fondue pot you registered for!

2) watch your wedding video
or look through your
wedding photo album

3) listen to a sermon/lecture on healthy
marriages together & discuss:
here are some from watermark

4) rent the movie,
fireproof, and/or take the
love dare yourselves

5) explore your dreams together;
go “house hunting”
for the perfect getaway house
or even your first house

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LOVE Day ideas on a budget – dating version

1) take a relationships skills class:
in texas look here;
in california look here;
somewhere else? let me know

2) go on a breakfast date
(much cheaper than dinner)

3) “travel” to the city of love and romance, paris, by learning some french or eating crepes; chocolate secrets in dallas offers free french lessons on wednesdays.
bonus: they serve crepes!

4) skip the reservation mess and the
pre-set menus, pick up a prepared meal from
whole foods, central market, or wegmann’s instead.
you even get a free romantic movie
from central market.

5) buy the book “all about us”

and spend the evening getting to
know each other better and
laughing about some of your
goofy answers.

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more office supplies from unlikely source

desk accessory sets from landofnod.com, crate and barrel’s kid’s company
i could dress them up a little bit and no one would know they came from a kid’s store!
…or i guess you could get them for your children.

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