holiday gift guide: creative children

1) led pocket microscope from the container store; 2) rainbow maker from spoon sisters; 3) shower mic sponge from perptual kid; 4) finger crayons from stone soup toys; 5) box of boogers candy from blue ribbon general store; 6) felt play mail set from a toy garden; 7) archery set from lillian vernon; 8) vintage ant farm from uncle milton; 9) tree house play set from melissa & doug; 10) personalized rubber stamps from craftpudding; 11) make-my-own monster custom kt from foa schwarz; 12) sneaky book for boys and sneaky book for girls available at amazon.com; 13) designed by you fashion studio by creativity for kids

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flickr friday

woo!, originally uploaded by flimflimflam.

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christmas eve(ning) wear

husband and i started a holiday tradition back when we first started dating to exchange pajamas before christmas. these then become our “wake-up and see what santa brought us” attire that year.
i love holiday traditions and can’t wait to continue this when we have little ones.

i’ve compiled a few cute pj options that might inspire husband this year.

clockwise from top left: 1) round up flannel lounge pants from pj salvage; 2) nick & nora it’s a hoot french terry pants at target; 3) penguin pajamas from scanty at neiman marcus; 4) camper vans poplin nightgown from munki munki at onlypajamas.com; 5) polka-dot flannel pants from jcrew; 6) sarong loungers from anthropologie; 7) gnome pajamas from munki munki at blueberry forest toys

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obama love

i am pretty conservative when it comes to my view on politics and the role i believe government should take in our lives.
truthfully, at times, i could be considered a borderline libertarian.
needless-to-say, i did not exercise my democratic right by marking a check next to the obama-biden ticket.
however, as a proud and thankful american, i will support my president. (even if i don’t agree with all of his policies)

truth be told i am not as interested in who obama appoints to his cabinet, the legislation he will sign into law, or the inspiration speeches he will give over his presidency.

no, i am more interested in his marriage to michelle.

obama showed african-americans that their vote counts and that they too, could hold the most powerful office in the greatest nation in the world. now, i hope obama can model to african-americans (and asian-americans, and caucasian-americans, and hispanic-americans, and all-americans) the importance of a healthy marriage and father-child relationship.

why do we need the obamas as a model for marriage? read this article in the atlanta-journal-constitution.

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i am second

i have needs.i have hurts.my life has purpose.i have hope.i am second.
find out more.iamsecond.com

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