superbowl party success!

the super bowl party was a success!
we didn’t care too much about the teams playing,
but i can never pass up an opportunity for a fun themed gathering.
here are some photos:

theme: all-american football. colors: red, yellow, green, brown.
menu: litte leaguer hamburgers aka. sliders from balls hamburgers, chicken quesadillas from quesa-d-ya’s (they deliver!!!) , pizza bites from the frozen food section, cheetos puffs, doritos, chips and salsa, brownies, and of course cupcakes!!!
decorations: football field scrapbook paper, football centerpiece, mini cones (from the dollar store), whistles, and penalty flags (made from a forever21 shopping bag)
game: the squares game. you make a grid of 10 x 10 squares. people buy squares for a $1 each. assign each team to a axis. then, you draw the numbers 0-9 and label the rows and columns 0-9. at the end of each quarter the person whose name is the the square with the corresponding last digit of the score wins the pot. example: 14 would be 4. pay-outs are as follows: 1-3 quarters = $20, final score = $40.

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take a hint

metal door signs by seletti
from the nest in dallas

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savvy dressing husband coming right up!

do you know how to tie a REAL bowtie? cause i do!

learning the technique at a pre-wedding festivity.
not only was this get-together at mister tuxedo fun,
it provides useful skills to ensure savvy dressing husbands for years to come!

want the skills? check out the directions below.
full link here.

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target has hit the mark once again! (when don’t they?)
i spent part of my friday night oogling down the aisles and trying to resist buying stuff i don’t (technically) need.

#1 orla kiely’s new organizational line.
i wish i was back in college and had a need for a laundry bag.

#2 almost everything from target’s home design event. bonus- it’s 30% off right now.
shop the sale online here & browse the lookbook.

#3 this umbrella would have come home with me,
if it was just even a few dollars less.

#4 i might go back for this portable file-tote from real simple.
it would be perfect to keep in my car with all my work files i need for meetings.
#5 my one fun, not grocery, purchase:
a large white soup tureen on sale for $7!

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flickr friday

ever feel like the weather is keeping you from going somewhere?

me too.

(b)icicle weather? from the walkinman

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