white house china

happy president’s day!

i’ve been really interested in china patterns recently…
not exactly sure why considering i picked my pattern out over 2 years ago now.

in honor of the day’s holiday, i found some lovely pictures of presidental china
that is being/has been used in the white house over the years.

laura bush just picked out this pattern in jan. ’09 (1 of 2) that will be used during the obama administration.
i love the green lattice print and gold trim.

nancy regan’s in red & hillary clinton’s in gold.

several other replicas from decatur house.
i heart james polk’s bright turquoise and james buchanan’s perfect pink.
and…is it horrible that i didn’t know millard fillmore was a president?

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score an a+ in love

do you love someone? i mean, do you really love them?
maybe it’s time to ask yourself these questions?
find out if you’re just that into him!

if you answer “no” to any of these questions,
maybe it’s time to ask yourself “why”? and what can I do to change?

a+ graduate card by snow & graham at redstamp.com

the sharing test
are you able to share together?
do you make your partner happy or do you want to become happy?

the strength test
does your love give you new strength and fill you with creative energy?
or does it take away your strength and energy?

the respect test
do you really have respect for each other?
are you proud of your partner?

the habit test
do you only love each other or do you also like each other and accept each other with your habits and shortcomings?

the quarrel test
are you able to forgive each other and give in to each other?

the time test
have you had time to get to know each other adequately before getting married?
did you go through a full year (all seasons and holidays) and see each other in these different settings?
do you know each other well enough?

the separation test
do you feel an unusual joy while in the company of each other?
is there pain in separation?

the giving test
love and marriage are giving, not getting. are you committed to giving in this relationship?
are you capable of self-giving?
is this quality of self-giving constantly evident?

the growth test
is your love dynamic in growth?
is it progressively maturing?
are the characteristics of agape (unconditional) love developing?

the sex test
is there mutual enjoyment of each other without the constant need for physical expression?

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from the office of the tooth fairy

this official tooth fairy kit is way too cute!
one letterpress certificate of record
one re-usable silk-screened cloth deposit bag

record keeps:
tooth lost,
method of extraction;
and compensation information

$16 from notion farm
this appears to be their first product.
i can’t wait to see what other creative graphic design notions they come up with!

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what am i doing?!?

everyone that knows me, knows i am not a pet person, much less a dog person,


i was just shopping the sale online at jcrew, and this little stinker caught my heart.
i think it’s the cableknit.

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