I am thrilled.ecstatic.overjoyed.pumped.giddy.insert a million other adjectives that describe emotions of great happiness here. to let y’all in on a little big project I’ve been working on with my good friend, Meg Biram (formerly MIMI +MEG)…

to & from, our first annual gift guide magazine, Holiday 2012 edition.

Meg and I have partnered together with over 5o of our favorite style and design bloggers to bring you the ultimate holiday gift guide this season! Covering gift ideas for everyone you know and love, our bloggers have rounded up some the best, most unique and thoughtful gifts ideas this holiday season. We’re even covering some great topics, like gifts on a budget and packable gift ideas. If you’re still not sure what to get your friends, family, kids and pets (or you’re not sure what to ask Santa for yourself), you won’t be disappointed!

So, please save the date, bookmark our website, and tell your friends – to & from launches on November 26, Cyber Monday. You probably should go ahead and plan on taking the day off so you have plenty of time for some great online shopping!

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