Baby/Toddler Style

I thought as soon as we discovered the gender of our little one, that I would be running out to fill his or her closet. But, the truth is I am really disappointed with the infant clothing designs I am seeing. I’m finding most things to be either super traditional (think smocked and monogrammed) or extremely cheesy (think Disney characters and “Aren’t I Cute?” screen prints). There is definitely a hole in the market for simple, well-constructed, yet sweet, baby clothes at an affordable price. Not to mention the overwhelming monopoly of pink. Designers, you can still do feminine without pink, I promise you.

After some browsing, I did find a handful of pretty, but not “foo foo” baby girl dresses. Whether it’s a solid-colored shift dress, a boho-inspired frock, or a classic modern floral dress, these options are perfect for Modern Eve Baby. One (huge) bummer is that many of these dresses are very unaffordable, considering how long she’d be able to wear them. Perhaps, I’ll splurge on one or two. The rest of her closet can be filled with these onesies from H&M.


// Best Of: Baby Girl Dresses by Modern Eve

(No. 1) Carter’s Navy Striped Knit Sundress on Amazon, $23; (No. 2) Masionnette Serena Swing Dress on Amazon, $44; (No. 3) Ditsy Smock Dress from Seed Heritage, AU$49.95(No. 4) Teal Spot Dress from Mamas & Papas $56(No. 5) Classic S/S Dress from PaigeLauren, $35(No. 6) Basic Dress from Zara, $20(No. 7) Jacquard Dress from Baby Gap, $40(No. 8) Dalmatian Dot Ponte Dress from Janie and Jack, $59(No. 9) Parakeet Dress from Jed & Marne, $48 on sale(No. 10) Corduroy Shift Dress from OshKosh B’gosh, $20(No. 11) Mini Boden Stripey Knot Dress at Nordstrom, $44(No. 12) Combination Dress from Zara, $33(No. 13) Checkered Flutter Dress from Baby Gap, $24 on sale(No. 14) Sleeveless Dress at H&M, $13(No. 15) Ruched Floral Print Dress from The Children’s Place, $14 on sale(No. 16) Carter’s Bird Dress at JCPenney, $25(No. 17) Baby Petit Bateau Tutu Dress at Crew Cuts, $86(No. 18) Billieblush Brown Tweed Dress with Sequin Collar at ChildsPlay Clothing, £46.00(No. 19) Koala Baby Woven Tunic from Babies R Us, $15(No. 20) Denim Dress from Zara, $26.

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