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Newborn Essentials (3-6 Months) by Modern Eve

Today, I’m rounding up our favorite newborn essentials for three to six months. It’s hard to believe that that time has already come and passed!

No. 1) My first few months with a newborn were spent mostly at home. You can imagine, once she got a little older and it wasn’t as much a risk to expose her to potential germs, I was itching to get out and about. Beckett enjoys her stroller, but she LOVES when I wear her in the ERGO. I usually wear her in the hip position and she is constantly looking around, taking everything in. She’s secure, being close to mommy, but my hands are free to shop, eat or look up something up on my phone. I use it all the time while running errands, especially at the grocery store. Note: I have the ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, but I would have gotten the ERGObaby Four Position 360 had it been available.

No. 2) When it comes to toys, I favor quality items in (mostly) natural materials. I have a serious aversion to loud, tacky plastic things that fall apart easily. Also, less is more in this department. Beckett mostly plays with one or two items at a time and I rotate through a small, curated collection of teethers, rattles, books and stuffed animals. Her favorite is Sophie the Giraffe and mine is Skwish (is doubles as a sculpture object on my bookcase!)

No. 3) I only recently discovered this brilliant book series, Indestructibles, but I wish I had a while ago. These books are water-proof, tear-resistant and extremely durable, making them the perfect infant book, since everything (everything!) goes in my daughter’s mouth. Honestly, these books put board books to shame. They’re also extremely light, making them ideal to carry in your diaper bag or for travel.

No. 4) Since Beckett was in this stage during the height of summer, a great sunhat and safe, mineral-based sunscreen was definitely one of our top essentials.

No. 5) Going for walks is one of my favorite activities to do with other new moms and their littles. On nice days, we’ll head over the Arboretum or White Rock Lake and when it’s 100+ degrees, Northpark Center is a great air-conditioned alternative. I have been so happy with my UPPAbaby Vista. It strolls effortlessly, even over uneven sidewalks, and it’s easy to rotate Beckett from forward- to rear-facing, depending on her mood. It also has a large storage basket (compared to some of my friend’s strollers), which has come in very handy on long shopping trips and picnics.

No. 6) It makes me sad that Beckett has outgrown this little wooden activity gym from PlanToys. I have such sweet memories of watching her kicking at the toys, learning to reach, and smiling at her reflection in the mirror. It’s a simple version, compared to options you’ll see at a big box retailer, but I think it’s beautiful; and Beckett didn’t seem to miss the plush jungle-themed toys or battery-operated melodies. And, I certainly didn’t.

No. 7) Around five and half months, we started solid foods, but even before then, this highchair was one of Beckett’s regular hanging-out spots. She loved being at our level, instead of down on the floor or in a baby swing. She was easily entertained by watching me cook or do the dishes and around five months we started including her at the dinner table. She loved watching us eat and it seemed to encourage a healthy curiosity and interest in food. She wasn’t sitting up great until recently, but the Boon Flair has five-point harness that kept her safely seated from about two months.

No. 8) Okay, I am letting you all in on my little secret…Ebay. Download the app, start a search, filter the results and save it! This is specifically great for baby clothes, since they’re usually not worn very much, but now I am also starting to look for toys and other products. Beware, it’s addicting.


I’d love to hear what items you found helpful during this stage! Please leave a comment below.