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// Modern Baby Registry (8 of 8): Layette by Modern Eve

Today is the final day our our modern Baby Registry Guide! It’s been so fun putting this together and I hope that it continues to serve as a valuable resource for moms-to-be. Preparing for your first child can be overwhelming. You get a lot of advice, both from well-meaning friends and self-promoting advertisers. As I mentioned in my first post, my registry style is very simple and neutral, but I also wanted to find items that were well-made, intentionally designed and, let’s be honest, good looking! I feel great about the items I selected  and have really appreciated some your additional recommendations in the comments.

With this last post, I am sharing clothing and accessories must-haves for your newborn. Undoubtedly, you will receive a lot of clothes as gifts for your little one. But, it’s not always what you need or prefer. I recommend putting some simple basics on your gift registry that will help you get through those first couple months.

And because these are just the basics, make sure to check back later today for my 30 Favorite Clothing Brands for Baby Girls post!

01. Take Home Outfit. Qty: 1. A simple top and bottom outfit will be perfect to bring baby home from the hospital for the first time. Find something special that you love and might want to put in baby’s keepsake box. Nordstrom Baby Top and Pants, $21 on sale.

02. Hat. Qty: 2. Heat can easily escape from your baby’s head. A simple cap can help your little one regulate their body temperature. Kushies Baby Cap on Amazon, $9.

03. Mittens. Qty: 2. Since you can’t really give a baby a manicure (they’re nails are actually attached to the skin at birth), use mittens to keep them from scratching themselves. Guava Kids Mittens on Amazon, $12.50.

I also have these: Kushies No-Scratch Mittens on Amazon, $5 for two.

04. Sleepers. Qty: 6+. There are a lot of options when it comes to sleepwear for babies. And the truth is, your newborn will probably be living in this type of apparel most of the time. Some moms love the receiving gowns, like this one from Zutano. They make diaper changes a breeze, but some babies start to kick out of them one they’re older. Personally, I prefer zippered sleepers to the more readily available snap versions, but I’ve heard that some moms do not like having to remove their child’s arms for diaper changes. Also, while footed pajamas are nice, long babies can outgrow them much faster. Hanna Andersson Baby Sleeper at Serena & Lily, $28 on sale.

05. Jacket. Qty: 1. Especially if your baby is born in the winter, you’ll want some sort of jacket for those cold days. A nice, neutral knit or fleece cardigan will come in handy. Note: Babies will need as many layers as you do. Cream Cozie Newborn Jacket from Zutano, 21.$26.50.

06. Booties. Qty: 1. I am actually not a big fan of infant shoes. Kids don’t really need shoes until they’re walking, but booties, that help keep their feet warm, are a different story. Moms seem to have a difficult time finding both socks and booties that stay on wiggling baby feet, but I’ve heard rave reviews about these fleece ones! Cream Cozie Newborn Booties from Zutano, $21.

A super cute option: Nature Baby for J.Crew Booties, $17.

07 & 08. Side-Snap Shirts. Qty: 6+. I’ve heard that these simple side-snap shirts can be a lifesaver in the beginning. First, you want to avoid  irritating the umbilical cord until it falls off; and secondly, it can be a little intimidating to yank a bodysuit over a newborn’s head. I stocked up on these long-sleeve and short-sleeve options, both in newborn and 0-3 month sizes. 5-pack short-sleeve side-snap tees from Carter’s, $16 and 4-pack long-sleeve side-snap tees from Carter’s, $16.

09. Bodysuits. Qty: 6+. Basically the baby uniform. You’ll definitely want a lot of these and can find them everywhere. Get a mix of short- and long-sleeve. Favorite Short-Sleeve Bodysuit from Gap, $25 for three.

09. Leggings. Qty: 6+. Match these with bodysuits or side-snap tees. Jersey Leggings from H&M, $6.

09. Socks. Qty: 6. There is little cuter than tiny baby socks. But, not all baby socks are created equal. Lots of moms have trouble finding ones that stay on. These have passed the test and come in some amazingly cute designs. Trumpette Baby Basic Socks on Amazon, $11 for three.



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