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// Ultimate Baby Registry Gift Guide: (4 of 8) Bathing + Potty by Modern Eve

We’re half-way through my modern Baby Registry Guide and today we’re talking about the oh-so-fun topic of bathing and potty. There’s no surprise, this form of infant care is going to take up a huge portion of our time. But there are some great products out there that can help make cleaning up your child a less messy and unpleasant experience. Here are the basics that would be great to add to your own registry:

01. Changing Pad. This changing pad is just genius. It’s made from a special material that is impermeable to fluids and easy to wipe down. Meaning…no changing pad covers necessary! How awesome is that? My only complaint is the color selection. Personally, I’d love something white or cream, but this grey color, exclusive to Giggle, is a great option, too. Peanut Changing Pad at Giggle, $80.

Other Changing Pad Options: Changer Top by Land of Nod, $149 (use with Aden + Anais Changing Pad Cover at Target, $16.95 and Boppy Waterproof Changing Pad Liners at Target, $12.99 for three); Soft Gear My Deluxe Changing Mat at Amazon, $39.99.

02. Washcloths. Mini-sized washcloths help clean all of baby’s small crevices and rolls. Once again, I am loving the solid white options. Aden + Anais Muslin Washcloth Set in Water Baby too at Amazon, $20 for three.

03. Tub Knee Pad. Save your knees during bath time with this simple kneeling pad. You can also get a basic gardening pad from your local nursery. Oxo Tot Tub Kneeling Mat on Amazon, $14.99.

04. Infant Tub. When seemingly boring products are met with intelligent and functional design, I get really excited. That’s how I feel about 4moms’s Infant Tub. Sized to fit in both sinks and tubs, it includes a special reservoir for clean water and also a side drain to release dirty water. Plus, it has a color-coded digital thermometer, so you know you’ll never burn your baby. Infant Tub by 4moms, $49.99.

More Smart Baby Tubs: Boon Naked at Nordstrom, $59.95Prince Lionheart washPOD at, $27Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge at Kohl’s, $8.54Puj Baby Tub at Target, $44.99.

05. Hooded Towels. There is nothing cuter than a tiny tot wrapped up in a hooded towel. The decorative animal ones are sweet, but I am loving the design and concept behind the new Puj Hug. It first hooks around mom (or dad’s) neck, making it easy to wrap up your infant with only two hands. Plus, they’re solid white. Puj Hug, $34.99 (can use with Puj Nubs, $9.99).

Additional Cute Baby Towels: Better Basics Hooded Bath Towel from Giggle, $38; Animal Hooded Towel at RH Baby & Child, $39Nursery Snow Leopard Bath Wrap from Pottery Barn Kids, $34.50Baby Aspen Let the Fin Begin Baby Robe at Nordstrom, $30.

06. Sponge. Part function, part decoration, part bath toy – this natural sponge is definitely on my registry. Baby Buddy Natural Sponge on Amazon, $6.61.

07. Potty Seat. When looking for a child’s potty seat, I wanted something simple that was easy to clean. Honestly, I am not looking forward to this phase. After reading many reviews, this Smart Potty seems like a great option, namely for it’s compact-size, removable drop-in pot and splash guard. No need to over-complicate this item. BabyBjorn Smart Potty at Target, $14.99.

Other Great Options: LOCKIG Children’s Potty from Ikea, $9.99Prince Lionheart pottyPOD at Target, $38.99.

08. Bath Toy Organizer. Over time, you’ll probably start to collect a hand-full of bath toys. Corral those rubber duckies, stacking cups, sponge letters and washable crayons in a simple netted bag that suctions directly to your tile or tub. Clippasafe Bath Toy Bag on Amazon, $7.62.

09. Toiletries. Babies don’t need a lot of skincare products. In fact, I’ve read that a lot of moms avoid body lotion entirely. Personally, I love the Yes To brand. All of their products are at least 95% natural and their entire mission is built around a commitment to sustainability. Their products are affordable and easily accessible from many big box retailers. I use their products as an adult and I plan on trying out their baby line. Yes to Baby Carrots Body Lotion, Shampoo and Body Wash, and Diaper Cream on Amazon, $7.99 each.

10. Diaper Pail. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about diaper pails. A lot of minimalist parents claim they’re unnecessary. Instead they take their dirty diapers directly to a trash bin in the garage. Since we have a detached garage and we only empty our trash every few days, I decided that a quality diaper pail might be a good investment. While this option is more expensive, it’s designed to let you use your own standard trash bags, which means no last minute trips to a baby store for special diaper pail bags and also saved money over time. Note: you can also get a cloth liner to use with cloth diapers, if you prefer. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail at Target, $79.99.

Not Pictured. Diapers. I say, go ahead and add diapers and wipes to your registry. You’ll know you’ll need them. Everyone is so different on their priorities here…price, eco-friendly, brand reputation. Personally I want to look into Seventh Generation and The Honest Company. A monthly bundle subscription would make a great gift.

Note: I am not planning on using cloth diapers, so I haven’t done the research, and therefore do not have any recommendations. If you’re interested in that, I think you’re wonderful and would love to encourage you toward that goal!



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