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// Newborn Essentials (0-3 Months) by Modern EveMy daughter, Beckett, is almost four months old. I can’t believe it! Becoming her mom has been such a rewarding adventure. Exhausting, both emotionally and physically, but beyond-my-expectations rewarding. Now that I’ve actually been doing this whole mom thing for a little while, I’m reviewing my Baby Registry Gift Guide series and making note of items we’ve actually found helpful. Thankfully, so far, I haven’t regretted a single purchase and I’m really proud of how we’ve been able to be more minimalistic with the baby gadgets. I’ll be updating those posts with some notes here soon, but until then here are my favorite newborn essentials for zero to three months:

No. 1) Beckett basically lived in sleepers for the first three months of life. Considering she mostly slept anyways, I didn’t feel like messing with actual outfits. My absolute favorite pajamas are from Hanna Andersson and I especially love the prints available from their collaboration with Serena & Lily. They have a great fit and somehow the newborn size (50cm) lasts from zero to six months. We also highly prefer zippers over snaps. And since Beckett is long, I love that they don’t have feet, so she can wear them longer. They’re a little pricey, so I have actually started searching for gently-used options on local Facebook garage sale groups and Ebay. I’m developing quite a collection!

No. 2) After about a month, I started wondering what I supposed to do with my child all day long, aside from feeding and watching her sleep, of course.  “Playing” with a newborn is a little less fun and interactive then you might expect. I did get her these black and white art cards from Wee Gallery though and she loves them! Seriously, she stares at them so intently. I lined them against the wall of her crib and I catch her looking (and “talking”) to them all the time. They’re probably my favorite “toy” for her right now.

No. 3) These swaddle sleep sacks from Halo are my absolute favorite. Beckett sleeps in one every night. They keep her warm and she stays swaddled much better than when we use a regular swaddle blanket, which helps her stay asleep. The only bummer is that I have to wash these separately so the velcro doesn’t ruin other items in the wash.

No. 4) Beckett is a spitter-uper. And in those early months, it was helpful to have lots of burp cloths, baby washcloths and bibs on hand. These are actually discontinued from Living Textiles and I am so sad about it. It’s the waterproof backing and absorbent muslin that makes these items a must-have. I’ve tried other burp cloths and bibs and she would soak them right through. One of these could actually last all day! That’s a lot of spit up.

No. 5) We didn’t register for this, but were so grateful to be able to borrow it from a friend. Beckett slept in this Snuggle Nest co-sleeper for the first six weeks. Since we were breastfeeding, it was so nice to have her right there in the bed with us. And it was easy to soothe her back to sleep with a pacifier or lullaby. This, hands-down, was our favorite item in those early months.

No. 6) If Beckett lived in sleepers, then I lived in nursing tanks (and my bathrobe) in the beginning. I bought three (all this style from Target) and although I could have used several more (remember, the spit up), I am glad I didn’t splurge, because now that Beckett is eating less often, I find them less necessary.

No. 7) We received this blanket from Weegoamigo as a shower gift and it’s become one of my favorite things. It was the ideal weight to keep her warm during neighborhood walks and trips to the pediatrician this winter; and it also makes a great floor blanket when I put her down at friend’s houses.

No. 8) Even though we’re breastfeeding, we gave Beckett a pacifier the second night in the hospital. It was actually the lactation consultant’s recommendation, since she had been cluster feeding all night. My daughter loves to suck and that tiny, cheap piece of plastic has become more precious than gold. Our favorite brands are Avent Soothie (pictured here) and The First Years’ GumDrop. We have a Wubbanub, but we found until she could hold it, the weight would make it fall out of her mouth. Now that she’s bigger, she loves it.


We’d love to hear what items you found helpful during those first three months! Please leave a comment below.