Purchase History: September 2012

I am excited to bring you the second edition of my new column, Purchase History. Each month I am sharing what items I have acquired, either by purchase or gifting, in an effort to practice more mindful consumption and exercise transparency with you, my readers. I’ll be completely honest, there’s a lot of shame, embarrassment and guilt associated with this process for me.

But, last month I had such an overwhelmingly positive response from y’all in the comments, on Twitter and through e-mail that I have the courage and desire to keep going. Some of you have even mentioned that you’re interested in doing the same thing. I love that! I need some support over here. Please let me know if you’re starting a similar column on your blog and I will link back to it every month! Also, keep checking back here on Modern Eve, I may have a little challenge in the works for some of y’all that are interested in testing this whole thing out for a short period.

So, without further adieu…

What I bought in September :: Leather bracelets from Cole Haan Outlet (not pictured) // Zara sweater // Studded fabric trim from M&J Trim in NYC (not pictured) // Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle from Cotton Island in Dallas // Acrylic lipstick holder from The Container Store // Rotary cutter from JoAnn’s

What I was gifted in September :: Commando tights // Trina Turk for Julep nail polishes // Butter London nail polishes (from Coterie) // ncLA nail lacquer in Santa Monica Shore Thing // Stephanie Johnson bags // Harmony L bracelet // Jami earrings // Miracle Icons bracelet // BaubleBar necklace (in red) //  Aloxxi hare care products // 7 for all Mankind snakeskin print jean (gifted from Marshalls) // Floral blouse from C&C California (gifted from Marshalls) // Napkins from Stone Textile // Kendra Scott earrings // One Love Organics Beauty Balm // Watch from Caravelle By Bulova // Christmas decorations from The Home Depot (for an upcoming photo shoot, more to come)

*Note: I was gifted a lot of items in September from events I attended during Fashion Week. I did my best to include all of the items I am keeping, however, there is a very good chance that I missed some things.

…And because this column is all about leaving no rock unturned and complete heart-wrenching transparency, I also wanted to share the items that I purchased, but ended up returning. This is actually a common practice for me. I frequently get home and realize that I bought something on an impulse, that I couldn’t really afford it, etc. It’s really humbling.

And just in case anyone is wondering, I do not use or wear these items prior to returning. I have strong convictions about that. On occasion I have returned items post-wear, but I am always up-front with the salesperson about that when returning. And typically my reasons are due to lack of quality or comfort. In fact, I actually ended up returning these heels that I blogged about here to Nordstrom after wearing them in NYC. They were just too darn tall and I am know that I would have never worn them again. I am thankful for Nordstroms and their wonderful return policy, but I do not plan on taking advantage. Needless to say, the items listed below were purchased and quickly returned without use.

What I bought and returned in September :: Dress from MANGO // Puffy vest from Uniqlo // Clare Vivier cross body handbag


*These lists include all clothing, accessories, home decór, craft supplies, make-up etc. They do not include food, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, gifts, items for Husband, bills, fees for personal services, travel expenses or business expenses.

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  • http://seventeenthandirving.blogspot.com/ Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    I love this idea, Katie. I keep a Pinterest board of what I buy for my closet – mostly as a way to keep track of what I’ve got and when I’m looking at similar things online it helps to have a way to say to myself “no, I already own something just like that.” What I really like is you taking it a step further, to all purchases, because those little things like a candle here or a magazine there really add up.

    Being a lifestyle blogger, it’s so easy to be overstimulated and the line between wants versus needs versus pure acquisition become more blurred the longer you do it. This is such an honest gut check that I think is beneficial not just for you, but for your readers. I’ve had people email me asking how I afford to buy everything I post. It’s simple – I don’t!

    Thanks for keeping it real – I would love to do something similar (with link and credit back to you) if you’re okay with that!

    • http://modern-eve.com Katie Anderson

      Lauren, I’d love for you to do something similar! Please send me the link.

    • http://twitter.com/edenhensley Eden Hensley

      I like the Pinterest board idea. I think I’m going to try that. I think it would definitely help with impulse buys as I could see what I already have and if it’s too close to something or not going to work and end up being returned.

      • http://seventeenthandirving.blogspot.com/ Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

        That’s pretty much why I started it. Getting those $7 deductions for return shipping, or schlepping all over the place returning adds up. It’s a lot easier to just not buy it in the first place. It also helps me fill in holes – I know if I need shoes to go with a dress, etc.

  • Jennifer Klee

    This is so awesome and such a good idea. Great way to stay mindful! I’m sad for you that you returned that Clare Vivier handbag though- it’s adorable!

    • http://modern-eve.com Katie Anderson

      I know… I was really excited about it. Honestly, it was a not exactly what I expected when I got it in the mail. I ended up returning it for something else. That’ll be in my October Purchase History. =)

  • http://twitter.com/PPFGirl PennyPincherFashion

    Love these posts, Katie – if I showed the list of things I return every month, it would be alot longer than yours…but mostly because I do alot of online shopping (when the shipping is free) and 9 times out of 10, I return all or most of it :(

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  • lorenzo

    Wonderful and a great idea for purchasing! Welcome to have your choice also on reginanozze.it!