Doing Laundry with TideAs a new mom, I am always looking for ways to simplify my housekeeping duties. When they tell you that your whole life changes when you have children, they don’t just mean in the emotional, “discovering a love you never knew existed within you” sense, but also in the practical, “everything takes twice as long” kind of way. Keeping up with the weekly chores is a challenge and specifically, laundry is something that keeps getting away from me (it seems to have tripled since Beckett’s birth). But there are a couple of things I’ve recently adopted to help get things under control.

Modern Chic Laundry RoomModern Chic Laundry RoomAn Organized Space.

First of all, having an organized and inspiring laundry space makes a big difference. We recently remodeled our walk-in pantry (click here to see my inspiration post) and I decided to ruthlessly edit my cleaning products and supplies down the core essentials. I also decided to upgrade my tools with some beautiful wooden cleaning brushes, copper sponges and wool dryer balls. I am obsessed with all the products from The Best Brushes! And because I’m so aesthetically driven, these little changes actually make me excited to clean!

Doing Laundry with TideDoing Laundry with TideDouble-duty Products.

Editing to the right products is key when trying to simplify your housekeeping tasks. Having too many options is overwhelming and takes more time. For laundry, while I have a couple different products to help me treat stains, it’s easier for me to stick with one detergent option. A lot  of parents use a special baby laundry detergent, but for the sake of simplification, I prefer to use the same product for the whole family. And to simplify things even further, I recently discovered Tide Pods Detergent by P&G, a detergent, stain remover and brightener all in a conveniently dissolvable pod. Just throw one in with a load and you’re done! No measuring out the right amount of detergent. No pre-treating with a separate stain solution. No cleaning up spills. No having to the hold the bottle in a certain way so that the pump will properly dispense. Honestly, it’s so easy! It may seem like a minor thing, but those added steps only make the chore that much more burdensome. Note: you can buy Tide Pods at Target both online (more about their subscription service below) and in store.

Modern Chic Laundry RoomModern Chic Laundry RoomA Regular Routine.

Another way I’m simplifying my chores is by developing a regular routine. When I was newly married I remember hearing about older women that had an “ironing day”. As in, they always did their ironing on say, Tuesday, every week. The mere potential of this future monotonous lifestyle made me cringe. Surely they had to have more exciting things to do than plan their week around a boring domestic chore! Well folks, we’re there. I do laundry on Mondays – specifically Monday mornings (hence the pretty floral robe and chemise from Pretty Plum Sugar I’m wearing in this shoot). And as constricting as that may sound, it actually provides me with a lot of freedom. Monday morning is the only time I have to think about laundry and those dirty clothes don’t take up any mental or emotional bandwidth any other time of the week.

Modern Chic Laundry RoomModern Chic Laundry RoomStreamlined Shopping.

The older I get the more minimalist I become. I recently stumbled upon this blog and was forever inspired  by Bea’s zero waste home. And while there are many reasons I find her lifestyle attractive, one of most appealing advantages is that it greatly reduces the time, energy and money spent shopping for and replacing disposable products. Two products I recently cut from my shopping lists are dryer sheets (replaced by these great wool dryer balls) and an adhesive lint brush (replaced by this awesome natural rubber lint brush from Bürstenhaus Redecker). Of course, there will always be some products that will need replacing, for example, laundry detergent. But there are also some great solutions to help you streamline your shopping experience. Enter Target’s online subscription service. You select your regular essentials (say, your Tide Pod Detergent, perhaps?), set your free delivery schedule, and then receive your products exactly when you need them, right at front door. Take about a time saver! Oh and money, too. Save 5% off your all your subscription orders and an additional 5% if you use your REDcard. And if you’re looking for more savings on Tide Pods, here are some coupons.

Modern Chic Laundry RoomMotherhood changes your life. And while raising a child is super rewarding and fun, there are still those practical things that have to get done. But finding ways to simplify your routines gives you more time to do the things you want to be doing. For me, that’s taking Beckett on walks, visiting friends and working on the blog.

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// Photography by Julie Norine with Matt and Julie Weddings