I’m a pretty organized person, but one thing I just can’t get together is a solid, practical solution for my jewelry collection. I’ve been gathering inspiration for some time now and thought I’d see if anyone of you have any additional ideas. I’d die to have a closet like Mary Alice Stephenson (photographed here for The Coveteur), but I am dealing with significantly less real estate. And jewels. So I guess it works out.

Currently I have half of my jewelry in a hanging organizer in my closet, my bangles on acrylic stands on my dresser and my earrings in a standing earring organizer. It’s a huge pain to return everything to their proper location. And I hate that it’s not all together. It’s time for a new game plan.

// Image from Real Simple and Lucky Magazine

So, what about y’all — how do you organize your jewelry. Do you have any photographs or pins that you think I should consider? I’d love your feedback!

// Images from Lonny MagazineThe Coveteurlove&lace, Inksatinedwriter on Flickr and via FFFFound!