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In the United States today, Cinco de Mayo is observed as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. While I am not Mexican (and even ignorantly referred to Cinco de Mayo as “a made-up Hallmark holiday” in a previous version of this post*), I welcome the chance to celebrate the unique and festive culture of Texas’ neighboring country. I love a good excuse to chow down unapologetically on some chips and salsa. And relaxing on a patio with a nice, frozen margarita doesn’t sound too bad either! Why not throw your own little Mexican fiesta this upcoming Monday? Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

*Thank you to an anonymous commenter for drawing my attention to the importance of this holiday for some.

// Cinco de Mayo by Modern Eve

(No. 1) Cinco de Mayo is all about the food and drink, so the bulk of your decorations should be focused on the table. Find a bright, colorful table runner to set the mood. Bonus points for tassels, macrame or Mexican embroidery.

(No. 2) Your Cinco de Mayo is not complete with some papel picado, translated ‘perforated paper’. This traditional Mexican folk art makes for a great decorative banner, but I also love them for party invitations.

(No. 3) Because who doesn’t want a piñata at their party?

(No. 4) Keep your tortillas warm in style with this hand-painted piece of pottery.

(No. 5) This woven tray would make the perfect bar space for drinks.

(No. 6) Serve up an assortment of tacos on these brightly patterned mini plates.

(No. 7) Whether it’s homemade or from the local grocer, any guacamole will look delicious is this festive bowl.

(No. 8) Make sure to have enough margarita glasses and large frozen drink pitcher on hand. These will undoubtedly be the hit of the party. My favorite? Frozen mango, with salt.

(No. 9) For the kiddos and sober crowd, pick up some Jarritos mexican soda. They also make for great decorations.

// Images via Camille Styles, H&M, Paper Fox LA and A & B Creative.

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