modern baby shower games

the worst part about throwing a shower is trying to come up with some sort of “activity”,
one that is clever, funny, and not over-done.
i’ve been to plenty of showers and scoured the web; i think these are my two favorite options..

1) have guest fill out their “wishes for baby” on these printable cards.
prompts like “i hope you aren’t afraid of…” and “i hope you laugh…” will definitely bring out the personality of your guests and provide a memorable keepsake for years to come.

print these for free in either blue-pink or brown-orange
from lil sugar

2) baby bingo might not be super original, but i just LOVE the design of these sets by etsy seller, cluster design.
they come in boxed sets for a baby girl, baby boy, or generic baby. each kit comes with 24 laminated bingo cards, 32 calling cards, and 250 bingo chips.

from etsy seller, cluster design

personally, i want to adapt this game a little. instead of playing typical bingo, why not nix the calling cards and use the presents. as the mom-to-be opens the gifts, guests can fill in their card. i am thinking about making my own boards for an upcoming shower i am throwing. i’ll probably check her registry to make sure i include items that have been purchased. i’ll let you know how that goes!

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  • Nicole-Lynn

    Thank you! I'm hosting a friends shower in June so these are great.

  • California Wife

    Love those shower games! I think the idea of playing Bingo with the gifts she recieves is such a cute idea!

  • elledee

    aww very cute stuff!

  • Christi Bennett @ pisforparty

    I really like the "wishes for baby" idea!

  • Thankfully Thrifty

    I love this idea! I can't wait to see yours!

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Cute ideas–I enjoyed visiting your blog, and look forward to returning. Nice to know another Blog Whisperer is a Texan!


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    Love those shower games! Thanks for the info,

  • LaDon Diva

    Over a year later and this bingo game still sounds like a great idea. THANKS!!!

  • Dot

    The wishes for baby was used at a shower that I attended in New York last Sunday. What a cute idea and will certainly add to the scrapbook that the new mom will be making for her little one due in a couple of weeks. Great.