Since starting my own business I have been busy getting my home office organized and styled just right. Looking for just the right trashcan and the perfect file folder labels is really not that important, but it can make simple work tasks that much more enjoyable. Thanks to some of my favorite online retailers, there’s no shortage of fun, modern and functional office supplies. I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite non-essentials for my desk. Make sure to check out Poppin, Muji, See Jane Work and Present&Correct for some additional product selections.


No. 1  Acrylic tape dispenser

No. 2   1-10 binder set

No. 3   Dux brass pencil sharpener

No. 4   Security pattern labels

No. 5   Collapsible wire basket

No. 6   Feather pen

No. 7   Curvy mini vase

No. 8   POP phone

No. 9   Wood block desk organizer