Over the years, with the help of many blogs and Pinterest, I have been collecting inspiring images of well-designed, sophisticated, yet modern nursery rooms. I am not a big “baby” person; and pastel pinks, blues and yellows are not my colors of choice. Instead I tend to gravitate toward something a little more modern, cleaner and even the slightest bit edgy. I am still working on my design plan for Modern Eve Baby, but for now I am calling on these gorgeous rooms to inspire me.

Overall, I want something that can grow with our child. I love the idea of filling the room with art and texture. A simple inexpensive crib will do just fine (they’re not really sleeping in it for that long). I’d rather invest in an awesome rug, light fixture or dresser. And, of course, pepper in some precious wooden toys, soft blankets and classic children’s books.

// Estee Stanley nursery

Estee Stanley | Photography by Laure Joliet | Featured on Remodelista

// Oeuf nursery

Oeuf | Photography by Julie Ansiau | Featured in MilK, April 2013 Issue

// Erin Williamson, Design Crisis nursery

Erin Williamson, Design Crisis | Featured on Apartment Therapy

// Clotilde and Arthur de Kersauson nursery

Clotilde and Arthur de Kersauson | Photography by Raphaël Dautigny | Featured on The Socialite Family

// Boho nursery

Featured on MiCasa

// Janette Crawford nursery

Janette Crawford, Sun + Dotter | Photography by Maria del Rio | Featured on Camille Styles

// Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Lisa Sherry Interieurs | Photography by Patrick Cline | Featured in Lonny, March 2013 Issue

// Morgan Satterfield nursery

Morgan Satterfield, The Brick House | Photography by Laure Joliet

// Ariane Goldman nursery

Ariane Goldman, HATCH Collection | Photography by Patrick Cline | Featured in Lonny, September 2012 Issue

// Elizabeth Sullivan Design

Elizabeth Sullivan Design

// Vincent Frey and Bianca Lee Vasquez nursery

Vincent Frey and Bianca Lee Vasquez | Photography by Julie Ansiau | Featured on The Socialite Family

// Patricia Herrera Lansing nursery

Patricia Herrera Lansing | Photography by Christoper Sturman | Featured in Harper’s Bazaar, December/January 2012-13 Issue

// Oeuf nursery

Oeuf | Photography by Julie Ansiau

// Estee Stanley nursery

Estee Stanley | Photography by Patrick Cline | Featured in Lonny, August 2012 Issue

// Honey & Fitz nursery

Honey & Fitz | Photography by Ruth Eileen Photography

// Jenna Lyons nursery

Jenna Lyons, J.Crew | Featured on Apartment Therapy, originally in Domino Magazine

// Tori Hendrix nursery

Tori Hendrix | Photography by Studio Castillero | Featured on The Glitter Guide

// Christopher Stevens nursery

Christopher Stevens

// Chezerbey nursery

Lauren and Kyle Zerbey, Chezerbey

// Morgan Satterfield nursery

Morgan Satterfield, The Brick House