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This time of year, I always love discovering new clever and smart kitchen gadgets. They’re such great gift ideas and are often in the perfect budget. Now, I’m not an advocate necessarily for seriously specialized cook’s tools. When I got married, I registered for all kinds of fruit and vegetable cutting gadgets – a pineapple slicer, a mango splitter, an avocado slicer, an apple divider… I thought they would make cooking easier and fun, but they only ended up cluttering my drawers. Why bother with a banana slicer when a simple knife would do just fine?

But, if a gadget serves a function another tool doesn’t, is able to simplify a task, or takes up less storage, I am all for them! For example, I am in awe of this well-designed whisk. If you need a whisk, why not own one that collapses and takes up less drawer space? And an ice cream scoop that does all the work for you? Best invention ever! I recently received this Garlic Twist and 3-Blade Vegetable Peeler from online retailer Uncommon Goods (they have great gift ideas btw). I already had a garlic press and some vegetable peelers, but these gadgets, thanks to their smart design, make their tasks much easier.

Some of my other favorite kitchen gadgets are this clever FridgeFork (perfect for the pickle, jalapeño and olives jars), a silicone FoodPod (a huge timesaver for boiling, steaming and blanching), Catcher (a smart citrus reamer / strainer in one), the Dressing Whiz (makes homemade dressings a breeze), and Bobble Jug (filtered water can still be stylish). Oh, and lest you think I misplaced some glasses on this post… I also love Onion Goggles (in tortoise shell). I used to think they were funny and unnecessary, but I must be chopping a lot more onions recently because I am in desperate need.

If you’re like me and love shopping for smart kitchen gadgets I highly recommend