Gift Ideas

This past weekend, Husband and I held our annual garage sale. It was a huge success — fun and $600 profitable. But one thing I noticed was that many items finding their way into the sale were originally wedding gifts — items that I registered for! — things I thought, four years ago, that would make my life as a wife complete that ended up shoved in the back of a drawer, or collecting dust at the top of my pantry. After I recovered from my guilt for giving these gifts away for a fraction of their gifted price and embraced my goal of simplicity and minimalism, I decided that I should do my wedding planning readers a favor by compiling a Wedding Registry Guide. Not the kind of guide you find on or in Martha Stewart Weddings. These are overwhelming, and quite frankly what got me into this mess in the first place. Instead, I am going to provide a multi-part series on practical (and some fun) items to register for, highlighting my favorite national or online wedding registry retailers.

First up is The Container Store. There is no secret that I love this store and in case you did know, they recently launched their gift registry services. This honestly makes me want to get married all over again. In my opinion this is the perfect place to register for wedding gifts. They have everything from kitchen and food storage items, bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies, closet organization products, luggage and so much more! Get your marriage off on the right foot (an organized one) by registering at The Container Store. Above are my favorite picks for things that I guarantee you’ll keep for years to come!


1. // While it might not seem like a sexy gift, cleaning supplies is a must-have items for newlyweds. Honestly, my Dyson vacuum cleaner was one of my favorite presents and it will last me forever! I recommend registering for brooms, dusters, cleaning buckets, gloves and any other cleaning supplies you think you’ll need in your current living situation or future home. Pictured here: Upright Sweep Set with Cover.

2. // I love organization and am constantly looking for pretty containers to corral all sorts of items. These honestly are the best investment because you can always find a use for them. Containers similar to these Rugby Stripe Bins that have once held winter scarves / hats / gloves are now housing party and craft supplies. I use these types of containers in every room and closet in my home. I even keep one in the trunk of my car to easily transport items back and forth.

3. // Sure you probably have a trash can that you can use once you get married, but wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful stainless steel Simplehuman Deluxe Semi-Round Step Can? I have this trashcan in an aqua blue color in my kitchen and I am so grateful. It’s something I’d never want to buy for myself or receive as a birthday or Christmas gift, but as one of many wedding presents, I was so happy to get it!

4. // Bath accessories are a common registry item. I suggest registering for a set each of your bathrooms. Make sure it’s something functional and relatively neutral. Over the the years, you’re likely to swap out shower curtains, bath rugs, towels and wall art, but who really wants to replace cotton swab holders? I am loving the Black Lacquered Bath Accessories and Canisters. They also have them in white.

5. // I need to warn you, laundry for men is a much different experience than laundry for women. First of all, men are typically larger meaning so are their clothes. They take up more space in your hamper and washing machine. Secondly, they’re stinker. There are very few clothing items that I wash after one wear, but Husband’s dirties are a different story. Even though I’ll wash our clothes together, I like having a divided hamper. Even if you keep your clothes together, this Zen Bamboo Laundry Hamper is perfect to separate darks from lights or washables from dry cleaning.

6. // The Container Store also has an amazing selection of kitchen accessories and food storage products. Kitchen and dining items are probably the most commonly registered-for items. And even though I’ll tell you not you, you’ll be tempted to register for all kinds of gadgets. Many of which will probably end up in your garage sales. Make sure you also register for products to organize these mango cutters, spatulas and corn-on-the-cob holders. The Container Store offers a great selection on drawer organizers, utensil holders, paper towel holders and more. I also love this Stainless Steel Roll-Top Bread Box. It provides the perfect place to keep my bread, bagels and tortillas.

7. // Most likely you’ll be registering for china. And I hope that you do! I have loved using mine for special holidays and casual Sunday dinners alike. Unless you know you’ll have a sizeable china cabinet in your new home, I suggest also registering for some china storage. These Eco-Fabric Round Plate Storage Cases will keep Wedgewood dust-free and organized no matter your storage situation.

8. // And for my number one recommended registry item from The Container Store, I give you the Elfa Mesh Start-a-Stack. Everyone (seriously I am not being dramatic here) needs some Elfa in their life. Similar to the open containers mentioned above, this Start-a-Stack has seen me through it all. In fact I have two and plan on adding another here soon. These work great in closets, home office spaces, laundry rooms and pantries. If I was your friend and you registered for this, I would definitely buy it for you. And you’d love me for it!


Keep checking back on Wednesdays for future editions of the Wedding Registry Guide, and please let me know if there’s a particular retailer that you’d like me to feature.