Baby/Toddler Style

Stylish Toddler Girl Outerwear

I’m currently in the midst of a little daylights savings boycott. Is anyone actually happy about the sun setting at 5:30pm? Truth be told I think we should get rid of the whole arguably outdated timekeeping practice. But, honestly it’s not only the time change–the cold weather, the barren trees–winter, itself, can get me a tad depressed. And while I know we’re still a ways off here in Dallas, I’m try to prepare, like a bear does for hibernation, perhaps.

Aside from thinking about how I can embrace this season with joyful attitude–which is something I am certainly still exploring–I am also trying to prepare practically. I’ve been culling recipes for soups and stews, adding extra blankets to the foot my bed, and unpacking my collection of sweaters.

But I also have a little girl to consider in my preparation. And let me tell you, no amount of wind or chilly rain is going to keep her from wanting to head to our neighborhood park. Which means she’s going to need a great coat. Thankfully, we received a warm puffer jacket hand-me-down, but in case you’re not the lucky benefactor of a toddler’s outgrown clothes, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite outerwear of the season. All of these jackets are perfect for the playground, but also stylish enough to wear to church.

I know what you’re thinking…a faux pink fur coat for the park? But it’s machine washable. And from Target. And there’s nothing like seeing a little girl racing down the slide in blush-colored fur, full of glee, to cure your wintertime blues.