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I believe in the power of inspiration. Modern Eve originally started in the summer of 2008 as a creative outlet and a place to catalog that which I stumbled upon and caused me to linger, feel or pursue creativity. Since then, Modern Eve has evolved (and matured) into a popular lifestyle blog that provides a personal, inside look into my life as a modern wife living in Dallas, TX. My hope that is my regular posts, featuring original content related to fashionparty planninghome décor and travel, inspire you to be your best self. It is such a privilege to curate this small online space and I am so appreciative of my fabulous readers.


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+ Katie Anderson, Founder / Editor

Katie has been interested in online social networking from a young age. She designed her first website in 1998 on the AngelFire platform. The site featured photo albums, quotes and online polls and was a place her and her high school girlfriends to connect online. Sounds a lot like blog, huh? Since then, Katie has been an early adopter of many of the popular social networking platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

In addition to keeping up with the latest social media trends, Katie is also passionate about design. Even though she has never worked vocationally as a designer, Katie has worked with architecture, interior and graphic design firms. She loves to surround herself with creative people and well-designed products and spaces. In recent years, this has translated into a love for fashion, art, interior design, themed parties and boutique hotels.

Katie lives in Dallas, TX with her husband of five years and their two cats, Chloe and Goliath.